The Difference between a Lean-to and a Carport

What’s the difference between a wooden car port and a wooden lean-to? The answer is a car, obviously. But here in Spain the two can not be differentiated as they more often than not house motor bikes, jet skies, speed boats, fire wood and just about anything one can think of. A wooden lean-to is what the name implies, it leans to/against something, generally a garage or a house. The advantage of a lean-to over a free-standing structure is that it has one wall already built, thus saving money because the wooden lean-to does not have to be built with the strength required for a free-standing structure. Then again, a quality workman will still build the wooden lean-to to a high standard in order to gain full structural integrity, and timber is the lightest and strongest material for the purpose. Therefore, it goes without saying that a professional carpenter is the man for the job, unless you are a proficient do-it-yourself person.

Wood is on the up-and-up in Spain, after a lengthy period of down-and-out. At one time quality, treated timber was not freely available in Spain, and many nightmare stories can be told of rotting and bug infested buildings falling into disrepair, or collapsing entirely. Not that long ago, Spain was a poor country, the rural areas even poorer; with little money to hand, wood was simply cut from forests and installed straight into buildings without any treatment whatsoever. The outcome was predictable.

Today, however, quality, treated timber is widely used in the construction industry, from the humble garden shed to two story houses, plus a wide variety of other uses: fencing, stables, decking, gazebos, the list is long. So when making the decision to build a lean-to, or have one built, you’ll be in good company using wood. The other advantage of using wood for a lean-to/carport is that sides can be added at any point without too much fuss and bother, thus turning it into a workshop or general storage room. And a final plus point with wood is that as a natural product from renewable, managed forests, it looks good and blends perfectly into the landscape.

Professional carpenter Woodworks Direct, on the border of Murcia and Alicante, equidistant to Yecla, Jumilla and Fortuna, will construct your lean-to (or any other structure) to the highest standard of workmanship. They also offer flat pack products with easy to follow instructions. All their timber is pressure treated, and with a choice of colours in wood stain an added protection is given as well as the finished article looking great. Everything is treated, cut ends, joints etc. So whether it is to be a car port or a lean-to, get the pros in to do the job. It’s not expensive and the end result will give many years of service.