Hand Made Wooden Sheds

We are now pleased to be able to offer an extensive range of ‘handmade’ good quality, solid Timber Sheds. We have Hobby Sheds and Workshops, Corner Houses, and even small sheds for Sun bed or bicycle Storage. This allows you to extend your home or simply keep your outdoor living area tidy.

Our sheds are available in different sizes and can be made to measure so if you do not see a size listed please just ask. You can choose from a pent roof or an apex roof and all our structures are made from good quality heavy timbers (not like most sold here in Spain). All our sheds are framed and fully boarded using good quality redwood. They come fully treated which guarantees to extend the life of your shed.

Please take some time to have a look at some photos showing what we have made. Please read through our 4 simple steps “What to look for when buying your shed”. This may help you to understand what you get for your money. There is a reason why a Shed is cheap. Paying a little more will give you a longer lasting product for you to enjoy for years to come and will not blow away in the wind or warp in the sun.

Wall Structure

We have all leaned on a shed before now and felt it move under our own weight or strength. Here at Woodworks Direct we do not believe that this is ok especially when the structure is new or in good condition. With our 2 x 2 framing system which forms a ridged frame to start with, we add extra braces in all corners; this stops any leaning or twisting of the frame. So rest easy if you live in windy spots these sheds will not be blown over.

Floors & Roof

Many Sheds which you can buy from DIY outlets are supplied with chipboard floors and roofs. Some Sheds on the market don’t even come with a floor to make the item appear ‘cheaper’. We do not believe this is good enough even if they are weather treated. After a short time these will start to sag and rot over the damp winters. We use 20mm thick tong & groove boarding for both roof and floors which sits on a 3”x2” solid rafters. If the surfaces are not the best just let us know and we can up the floor joists to 4”x2” or even 6”x2”

Roof covering

The covering over your shed is probably the most important part of the wooden structure. If this fails then the rest of the shed will start to decay. Using good quality felt is very important and we use 40kg grade mineral felting, any thinner and the sun will dry out the felt and turn it brittle then the wind and heavy rain will finish it off.

Alternatively, all of our sheds can be covered with our new EPDM rubber covering which is perfect for all different weather types. For more information on this option please click here.


Another important part of the shed is the door. If this does not work properly and it drops you will not be able to get in to your shed or lock it easily. In this case you are at risk of uninvited guests helping themselves to the contents. Many doors you buy look fine when you buy them but if there are not made correctly the sun will dry out the timber and glue. Then after as little as six months and heavy usage the door may start to drop or even fall apart. Diagonal bracing is very import to hold up your door, we use good strong boards to match the walls and use 6”x2” ledges and bracing timbers to form the ridged strength to last the weather and heavy usage.

In our many years of experience we find we regularly replace budget sheds and the common consensus is that of disappointment. Not just that it hasn’t lasted long but that having to replace it has cost them more money in the end. Remember we also deliver free of charge too.

Because we make our sheds to order you not only get to choose the size you want but can add additional extras such as: Windows, Double Width Doors, Double Glazed windows and doors and internal shelving. You may want to work in your shed so we can insulate the roof and walls to ensure a cool interior (or warm in the cooler winter months) and incorperate electrics. All our sheds come complete with quality hinges and a sliding lockable bolt for security.

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Locks and Hinges

Number one item here at Woodworks Direct on all sheds is safety to the items placed inside. As standard all our sheds come with a 150mm galvanised sliding lockable bolt ready for you to place a good solid padlock. These sliding bolts are bolted all the way through the door to secure the bolt in place so no one can tamper with them. This is also another feature on our T-hinges to bolt and secure the 400mm long hinge to the door and extra large door jam inside the shed. Of course this may not be suitable for all clients requests so please do not hesitate to ask if something you do not see is needed?


Why not add custom shelving to your new or pre-existing shed or storage unit? Made to suit the measurements and requirements of the customer, with the option of installation by one of our team.


Ventilate your space with our new  circular vents and roof windows.

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