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High Quality Strong Car Ports

We supply a high quality and very strong roof covering. The uniqueness of this covering is, it is sun reflective which keeps it even cooler for your car in the height of summer. (For example we can leave these sheets out all day in summer and still be able to kneel on them, not like galvanised sheets). These sheets work out at €22 per square meter. We always get asked to supply cheaper sheets, but these are the only ones we can recommend against wind and hail stone.

We can offer a different type of covering, this is a Bamboo covering ideal for shade but not waterproof. This price works out at €22 per square metre.

  • All our standard Carports come with horizontal rafters made from 6″ x 2″ (150mm x 50mm) and the posts from 4″ x 4″ (100mm x 100mm) unless special requirements are needed. This provides a good solid premium structure but if you prefer, chunkier timbers are also available please just ask.
  • All Carport structures come with the necessary bolts and screws.
  • Plus we provide a step-by-step instruction leaflet in English with helpful pictures
  • Our team also offer a complete installation service if DIY is not your field of expertise or you simply do not have time.

If you don’t see a size you require then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fitting: (optional)

Single price from: €295.00

Double price from: €395.00

Dimensions (~2.4m High) Price (inc IVA)
5m x 3m Sun Reflective Roof Sheets €995
5m x 3m Bamboo & Battens €995
5m x 4m Sun Reflective Roof Sheets €1145
5m x 4m Bamboo & Battens €1145
5m x 5m Sun Reflective Roof Sheets €1345
5m x 5m Bamboo & Battens €1345
Double 5m x 6m Sun Reflective Roof Sheets €1945

Hit & Miss Boarding

How about H&M boarding for extra protection as the sun moves around? or even to double up as a log store for a multipurpose frame?

It is worth noting the sizes of the timber being used by our competitors. These being mainly very thin and light gauge.
This flimsiness provides little or no support, and may result in the structure becoming dangerous, especially in some parts of Spain where there are high winds and wintry conditions.

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