Timber Lean-to

The Difference between a Lean-to and a Carport

What’s the difference between a wooden car port and a wooden lean-to? The answer is a car, obviously. But here in Spain the two can not be differentiated as they more often than not house motor bikes, jet skies, speed boats, fire wood and just about anything one can think of. A wooden lean-to is […]

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Keeping Cool This Summer

Keeping Cool with Woodworks Direct The warm and sunny weather in Spain is probably one of the main reasons most of us come to live here but we soon discover that having shade is just as important as having sun and that goes particularly for outside the house where creating areas of cool shade is […]

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A Timber Lean-To Roof

My granddad had one, I have one and quite a few of my neighbours have one – a lean-to. What obviously distinguishes a lean-to from a carport is that it doesn’t house a car, although many carports provide cover for anything but cars, so I guess what word one uses to describe it is somewhat […]

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