Stables & Shelters

Stables & Shelters

Here at Woodworks Direct we’re also passionate about stables, with the aim to build perfect structures to home your loving horses and donkeys. We know that in most horse loving households, the animals come first and they want nothing more to home their beauties than great surroundings and solid buildings.

We listen to all customer’s needs and costumise our structures to suit your requirements, whether it be for one horse or multiple.


Offering tack rooms and hay barns with grooming stations under shelter from the sun.


We can also supply all fencing and gates. Posts being concreted into the ground come protected by our POST SAVERS, to ensure their durability.


Paddock shelters are essencial here in Spain to provide shade from the burning sun. Woodworks Direct can combine stables and shelters for a multi-purpose structure if space or budget is a problem.

Our Sun reflecting roof sheets work great for stables as they don’t get hot and maintain everything underneath cool and airy.

Doors are solid with extra strong hinges and bolts. Along with all the internal walls, these can come with extra kicker boards for the lively horses.