Studios / Insulated Garden Rooms

Studios / Insulated Garden Rooms

Woodworks Direct offers a wide range of multi-use insulated modules which are perfect as studios, summerhouses, garden rooms and outside offices.

Made to measure using our 22mm tongue and groove boards on the outside, and 19mm boards on the inside.  This is built around an internal frame with diagonal braces and fully insulated to give all the structures a ridged and solid feel.


Woodworks Direct makes each individual frame to suit the requirements of their customers. We offer a range of different customizable options to ensure that we make exactly what you have envisioned.

So you can choose the design, shape, length, width and interior layout along with the choice of several different roofing, door and window options. This allows us to create a frame that suits your exact requirements and gives it a unique personalised feel.


We use our 19mm tongue and groove boards for the inside of our insulated modules. This leaves a smooth professional finish that is both aesthetically appealing and practical.

Because these boards aren’t open to the elements, we leave them in their natural state without treating – but they could be painted post installation if required.

Structural content as standard

  • All floors come boarded in 22m thick timbers for strength
  • External walls are boarded in 22mm thick timbers
  • All walls are fully insulated
  • Internal walls are boarded in 19mm thick timbers
  • All windows and doors are Aluminium and available in Brown or White
  • Doors & Windows are double glazed with a 3 point lock system
  • Insulated Sandwich roofing system available with our white sun reflecting covering or tecca roof tile effect
  • All fully insulated 50mm thick and nice white ceiling finish inside
  • First fix electrics installed inside the wall giving a number of double sockets throughout
  • First fix lighting system prepared to your requirements, all ready for connection.
  • Option of plumbing to be first fixed and ready in the walls if required