Are Wooden Sheds really good for your health?

Sheds are good for your health. Actually, to be more specific, a shed is good for a man’s health; you lasses have other things to perk you up, like reading Fifty Shades of Grey when the old man is in his wooden shed. Hold on a mo (smacks head with palm of hand) – he’s out from under your feet so you can indulge in a bit a mental hanky panky, which relieves stress, therefore, it follows that a shed is good for your health as well. Who’d have thought it, erh? Now you know what to get him for Christmas.

Of course it can’t be proved that a shed is good for your health, and the article mentioning it featured in a newspaper well known for not being best mates with the truth, but no smoke without fire I reckon. Give the researchers a little time and before you know it a shed will be on a GP’s prescription. You’re in the pharmacy, and the lady in a white coat whacks the Prozac on the counter then turns and shouts, ‘Oi, Fred, bring the shed round on the forklift, will yer?’ She smiles and says, ‘Have a nice depression free day, sir.’

Apparently a shed’s beneficial properties are all to do with ‘the feel good’ stuff that we guys need to keep our spirits up and depression away – a ‘man cave’ type of thing. I’m not depressed because I have my shed: my very own space where I can have pin-ups of Susan Boyle and Sid Vicious hanging above my home brew equipment. And there, propped in the corner, are my hunter-gatherer paraphernalia, reassuring me I’m the man, the provider. Okay, so it’s not a bow and arrow or a blowpipe but a selection of Spear and Jackson gardening tools; and the wife just happens to be the managing director of one of the largest banks in the world, but hey, DON’T POP MY BUBBLE ALRIGHT!

Seriously folks, wooden sheds are good places for us lads to chill. It’s a kiddie memory of nice smelling wood, earth in pots and feeling cosy on a rainy day; a place to escape for a while and cogitate; maybe have a smoke or two; wonder what on earth the missus is going to make you do next as she’s taking the book very seriously.

In summary, I reckon there really is a connection between feeling good and owning a wooden shed. Woodworks Direct can make you a good hand made wooden shed, so get ordering and get healthy.