Solid wooden shed – Javea, Alicante | 605

Project Description | Reference ID: 605

Wooden Shed in Jávea | Dimensions of 3m Wide x 4m Deep

This handmade shed features dimensions of 3 meters wide by 4 meters deep, offering ample space to store tools, gardening equipment, and other items. Located in the charming coastal town of Jávea, this shed combines functionality, durability, and style.

Roof Fully Insulated with Our New Sun Reflective Insulated Roof Sheets

The shed’s roof is fully insulated with our new sun reflective insulated roof sheets. This innovative material helps maintain an optimal interior temperature, protecting stored items from temperature fluctuations and providing a more comfortable environment inside the shed.

Robust and Resilient Construction

The shed’s four walls are constructed with 2×2-inch wooden slats, reinforced with corner strengthening braces. This sturdy structure ensures the stability and durability of the shed, even in adverse weather conditions.

Covered with 24mm Tongue & Groove Boards

To ensure the shed’s waterproofing and strength, 24mm tongue and groove boards are used for the exterior cladding. This material provides a solid barrier against moisture and the elements, effectively protecting the shed’s interior.

Double Door and 2 Windows on the Side

The shed features a double door for easy access, as well as two windows on the side to allow natural light and adequate ventilation. These features make the shed a comfortable and functional space for working or storing items.

Pent Roof with Water Running to the Back

The shed’s roof design is sloped with water running to the back, allowing rainwater to slide away from the entrance. This feature ensures that the interior of the shed remains dry and protected during rainfall.

Studded and Boarded Floor in 19mm Boards

The shed’s floor is constructed with 19mm thick boards, reinforced with a studded and boarded structure to provide a solid and sturdy base. This configuration ensures that the shed can support the weight of stored items without compromising its structural integrity.

Fully Treated in Chestnut Brown

To ensure its durability and weather resistance, the shed has been fully treated with a chestnut brown finish. This treatment protects the wood against decay, insects, and other external agents, thereby prolonging the shed’s lifespan.


In summary, this wooden shed in Jávea offers a versatile and resilient space, ideal for meeting your outdoor storage and work needs. With its well-thought-out design, high-quality materials, and carefully crafted details, this shed is a valuable addition to any property in Jávea.