Why choose our all in one EPDM rubber system?

Woodworks Direct has been in search of a product that is cost effective, zero maintenance, easy to fit, and durable against the Spanish weather for a number of years. I am very excited to announce that we have finally found it! Our EPDM all in one rubber system, fits the bill!

Previously we were using high quality felt designed for roofing, and at 40kg grade asphalt, we were offering the best that you can buy. However, this felt comes in sections with a width of 1m, which means we have several areas in which the felt overlaps and joins together, which wind and rain can penetrate over long periods of time.

Our new EPDM rubber system eliminates that problem, as it comes in one piece cut to measure, which means no overlapping. This option is also much lighter at a weight of only 1.4kg per m2. This system is great for more than just Flat Roofed Gazebos and Sheds, it can be used to cover old tiled areas on roofs that leak, flat garaged roofs and even ponds due to it’s flexibility.

EPDM All-in-one rubber system’s unique properties

  • Far superior durability
  • 1 piece seamless sheets
  • Easy to install with no flames needed
  • Highly flexibility for any job
  • So environmentally friendly
  • Recovery of rainwater for those who tub it up