Timber Ranch Fencing & Gates

When I see wooden ranch fencing I think Dallas, Then again, when I think about a pint of beer I think Rosie Blackthorne, her buxom form behind the bar pulling the pump. It’s funny how the mind works. In the same way, when I see metal posts and mesh wire used to keep horses enclosed I think prison of war camp. But with wooden ranch fencing… back to Dallas again. Okay, it’s not Texas here, it’s Spain and we don’t wear silly great hats, well most don’t, but wooden ranch fencing looks great wherever the location. Accompanied by an attractive wooden gate and the overall appearance is enhanced no end.

Somehow wooden fencing appears to broaden the vista; it just looks the part. It’s one of those things that are hard to define, but if I had to, I would say it speaks about the owner of the horses, that they take their equestrian interests seriously, that the animals are well cared for and enjoy the best. Whether used for a lunging ring or to border a paddock, wooden ranch fencing is a must: practical, pleasing to the eye and long lasting. Then again, one doesn’t have to keep horses to have ranch fencing. It makes an attractive border to any land or garden, even if only a small section is to be enclosed.

In the countryside in Spain, a large plot of land is needed in order to build a house, that’s the rules, and many people opt to fence some of it off to create a manageable garden area. Metal mesh fencing is sometimes used for this purpose, but, in my opinion, it appears stark and rather ugly. So why not consider using timber instead? Ranch fencing made from quality, treated timber and stained to any number of colours will give a different feel to a garden altogether. Timber always blends into the landscape perfectly because it’s natural, just a few steps away from a tree. Add to this a ranch-style wooden gate and the effect can be stunning. Best quality timber should be used and it must be treated against pests and the weather, ensuring the fence and gate will last many years before requiring another coat of preservative.

Woodworks Direct are a professional joiners and fashioners of wood and they offer ranch fencing that meets all of the above criteria, and at a price that won’t knock a great hole in the budget. So think about wooden ranch fencing and gates if you are considering enclosing your garden or paddock – and you don’t need to buy a ten gallon hat, unless you want to look silly.