Storm Damage – Why you need a Timber Carport in Spain!

If you live in a hot country like me then a carport is a must. The sun doesn’t only age your skin but also the paint on your car. A wooden car port is much cheaper and quicker to build than a conventional garage, and with the treated timbers stained to pretty much any colour, it blends nicely into any garden environment. Cars with badly faded or even peeling paint are a common sight in the region of Murcia in Spain. A car is an expensive item and it’s worth spending that little bit extra to protect it from the damaging rays of the sun. A carport is quite versatile as well as it can be used to house other items like quads, jet-skis and even a speed boat. One of the good things about a car port is there are no walls, just sturdy uprights; therefore, awkward shaped objects, like a boat on a trailer, can be manoeuvred under the protective roof; the most important item (the boat) is safe from the elements whilst less important appendages can stick out the sides.

On rare occasions there have been hail storms that have damaged the bodywork and paint of cars, one recently close to Pinoso in the Alicante region where the violence of the storm and size of hailstones caused many cars to be written off completely. A simple carport would have prevented this happening, and a few metal roof panels are much cheaper to replace than the body of a car. A car port should be of strong construction with quality treated timber, the uprights well secured in concrete. The ends of the horizontal timbers that support the roof can be attractively sculptured to offer a pleasing appearance.

A professional carpentry workshop like Woodworks Direct can provide a carport to fit into any setting. Car ports can be made in metal, but they tend to look stark and harsh, more suited to being alongside an office block. Wood, however, is the natural choice for a carport next to your home. Wood blends in everywhere, and in no time at all it will have gently aged to become undistinguishable from the surroundings into which it has been introduced. If the garden already has a wooden gazebo or a garden shed then the wooden carport will fit right in as part of the team. Wood is strong, looks good and lasts, and a carport made from wood is a wise choice.

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Huge hailstones in Pinoso Spain

Here are the Hailstones that caused so much damage in Pinoso in October 2013.