Solid Wooden Carports by WoodWorks Direct

Car Ports appear to be winning out over conventional garages these days. The main reason is cost, because at the end of the day why spend thousands on a brick-built or modular concrete garage when a car port does the job equally well. In the past, when the metal and paintwork on cars sometimes lacked quality, rust and severe paint discoloration were commonplace. When not in use, the best place to keep a car or motorbike was definitely a garage. But, with advancing years the quality of all materials used in motor vehicles has tended to relegate the garage to a store room or home workshop.

Nevertheless, although general weather damage is rare (except in extreme cases), the sun can still bring about fading and decay in paintwork, and there is always that risk of hail, even in hot countries – so enter the carport. Free-standing or built alongside a house or out-building, a car port is generally constructed relatively cheaply, and quickly. They tend to be open on all sides, three sides if placed next to an existing structure. The carport has been around in the USA for many years, but we have quickly embraced its simplicity, low cost and practical use here in Europe.

Throughout Spain, and not only along coastal regions (the Costas),car ports can be seen housing jet skis, speed boats and tractors, as well as their owner’s car. Supermarkets and large offices tend to use metal carports for use by their customers and staff, mostly to keep away the fierce heat of the sun, which can speedily turn the inside of a car into an oven. But their utilitarian appearance is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye; hence, the popular domestic choice tends to be carports made from wood. A wooden carport blends easily into all environments, whether modern or rustic, and when climbing plants establish themselves the overall effect is enhanced.

Also, should one or two of the sides require walls at any point, converting it into a shed or log store, the process can be undertaken easily with timber as the working material. Stained and treated against pests and the elements, a quality wooden carport will give many, many years of protection for your car, or whatever you choose to store inside. Woodworks Direct offer such a product with a choice of roof and stain colour in easy to assemble flat-pack form. So, if you are thinking about a installing a carport, think wood – it’s the natural choice.