Pergolas from Woodworks Direct

Pergolas come in all shapes and sizes, and at Woodworks Direct we have a variety of easy to assemble, flat-pack pergolas to fit neatly and perfectly in your garden or patio area.

The pergola has been around for a long time in one form or another, recorded way back in the mid-sixteen hundreds as covered walkways, freestanding or adjoining buildings. Originally constructed from brick or stone uprights with timber cross-beams, pergolas were popular in hotter climes for providing protection from glare and direct sunlight. Some took the form of long walkways, ending at a pool or lake, others as stand alone structures offering a pleasant point of reference when taking in a view. Then, as today, a pergola provides an ideal framework for vines and climbing plants, creating cool, shady areas for hot, sunny days. Wisteria, honeysuckle, Jasmine and bougainvillaea are just a few of the many plants which take well to a wooden pergola, creating either a blaze of colour or fragrant scented aromas – both if grown together. Alternatively, a pergola can be roofed with rush, bamboo or a man-made material, giving a measure of protection against a sudden shower of rain as well as hot sunshine.

Many of our customers have sited their pergolas next to outside kitchens and barbeques, and with light insect netting covering the sides and beams, a bug-proof area can be created to keep even the most determined flies away from food, and people. Or you can simply leave it as it is as an open structure of natural wood, stained to a colour of your choice. Whatever you decide, a Woodworks Direct pergola will grace your garden as an attractive feature, only improving as it blends into the surrounding garden or patio with gentle aging.

Made from quality timber and treated against pest infestation and rot, our pergolas are built to last; numerous testimonials and repeat orders from the extensive range of products on offer demonstrate our dedication to quality and value for money. Simple to follow instructions and with the need for only the minimal amount of tools, your Woodworks Direct pergola can be assembled quickly and easily. Before you know it, you will be enjoying this new feature in your garden with a glass of something nice in your hand.

So don’t delay and order your Woodworks Direct Pergola now – and you had better put some beers and bottle of wine on ice.