Pergola – a natural wooden feature for your garden

Is there a place in your garden that could benefit from a natural wooden feature; something to really set it off? Ever fancied a spot in your garden where you can sit out of the sun and yet be surrounded by living plants and greenery? If so then think about having a wooden pergola built. A properly constructed wooden pergola using treated timber fits into any garden environment.

Wood is a natural product, and when stained and correctly assembled a pergola will last many, many years. The wooden crossbeams and uprights form a perfect frame for plants to climb and grow over. Why not plant Jasmine, Bougainvillea or passion flower and in a few years the pergola will be covered with a blaze of colour and sweet scented foliage. To encourage this growth, a wooden lattice can be fitted to the upright supports of the pergola, allowing the climbing plants to become established more quickly.

There’s nothing like natural shade from the sun, a bit like taking five on a long walk to rest one’s back against an olive or almond tree and having a good scratch against the hoary bark. I remember grape picking some years ago, and after hours of hard work throughout the hot dusty morning we workers finally adjourned into the wonderful shade of a big old pine tree. There we ate our late breakfast of sausage, tomatoes and bread, washed down with a sample of the previous year’s harvest – a treasured memory. A pergola with a healthy growth of climbing plants offers pretty much the same feeling. The breeze manages to waft through as the sunlight dances on the leaves. All in all a relaxing and soporific experience, and complimented by a glass of cold wine a hammock slung between the beams is a must as a blissful doze will inevitably follow. Another good idea is to plant Galan de Noche, a night Jasmine. When evening gives way to night then the scent from Galan de Noche is released, and it’s heady and fragrant beyond words. With a few strategically placed lamps or candles, an evening of chatting and sipping wine with friends will become enjoyable events and memories not easily forgotten.

So think about having a pergola in your garden; don’t put it off but order now from a professional carpenter like Woodworks Direct based on the borders of Alicante and Murcia. They will build it to the highest quality and exactly how you want it. Don’t let the good times slip by.