Marquee Tent

Recently we had a client who asked us to design and build a barn for them, they were storing there hay in a marquee tent and kindly asked us if we could dismantle it and dispose of it, We had no use for it here at the yard and shortly after the storms and heavy rains came, parts of Murcia and Alicante were damaged. We remembered that we had the marquee and still had no use for it, so we decided to look at a charity that had been affected by the storm. We found Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, this rescue centre helps horses, ponies and donkeys that have be abused or neglected, they have over more than 120 horses, ponies and donkeys and also rescue other animals including dogs, cats, parrots , chickens , geese, peacocks and pigs, there rescue centre is in Rojales in the province of Alicante. We reached out to them asking if they needed a marquee tent and yes, they were after the storm their fields where flooded and some shaded areas had been damaged. Simon and his family took the marquee to centre and delivered it to them. They were very grateful, and Simon and the family got to meet some off the animals. They have open days held on the first Sunday of every month.