Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Flooring is one of the most looked at and most colourful parts of any home or business place. With such a wide range of Laminate flooring to choose from, stepping into a home can feel wonderful, new and exciting. Woodworks Direct are sure we have the right designs for any taste, whether you live in the mountains or on the coast, we will make your home or business place feel cosy and elegant. 15 years ago laminate flooring here in Spain was not really thought of as tiles were everywhere. Laminate flooring has taken off, and why not? It’s very straight forward to install with no mess.

Why choose Laminate Flooring over tiles?

We have all looked down and wanted to change the floor tiles, and the thought of the whole procedure is worrying. Breaking up and removing all those existing tiles, then replacing them with new ones. Mixing bags and bags of tile adhesive before layign what feels like miles of tiles. Then the great job of grouting that everybody loves – not!

Avoid the above by choosing laminate flooring. In most circumstances you already have flat, level floors. Simply choose a stylish design you like and let us lay the laminate flooring straight over the old looking tiles. We aim to make your experience of laminate flooring easy to buy and minimally disruptive at the time of installation.


When selecting from our standard range:

  • Our laminate flooring is insensible to sunlight and conserves its shine for many years.
  • Our laminate flooring is made from a base of natural, recyclable materials
  • Our laminate flooring has high resistance against weight, stains and fire
  • Our laminate flooring is comfortable to walk on
  • Our laminate flooring offers a high resistance to scratches
  • Our laminate flooring can be fitted with underfloor heating

Additional properties of our moisture guard range:

  • This range of natural laminate flooring has been carefully adapted to suit households with young children and pets, to ensure that the odd accident doesn’t cause a big problem.
  • This range of laminate flooring has extra protection against humidity, which means that it can be mopped and cleaned properly without risk of damaging the laminates surface.

What to look for when buying Laminate Flooring?

You can buy flooring from lots of outlets and you may get confused with all the different prices and deals everyone offers. A guide line – Cheap, Good Quality and High Quality.

If we could offer any advice it would be to stay away from cheap laminate flooring. It will look pretty at first but you will quickly regret your decision. It tends to look good when laid, but you may have quite a bit of waste when they chip, knocking together. Which can result to be not so cheap when you calculate all the waste. Secondly, after a short time with traffic and mopping you will come across corners / edges lifting and swelling which does become very nasty and ugly to look at. Stay away, and don’t be tempted by the unbelievably cheap prices!

  • Good quality middle of the range is a good place to start.

Also another thing to look for when shopping around is the thickness, 4-6mm is probably the most popular thickness you will come across. However, the durability of this thickness is not great for traffic and it may even squeak when walked over, which is very annoying.

  • Min 8mm-10mm or even 12mm thick is what you need to be looking for, with 22mm available in the high end ranges for solid flooring.

If anyone has experience with fitting Laminate flooring then they’ll know that it is quite straight forward. Cut and knock together. Throughout the fitting process, knocking the laminate flooring boards together does produce a lot of waste from damaged corners etc.

  • Stop there, we know that from experience our products don’t need knocking or banging down, we simply click all the boards into place.

Under Lay is very similar with roll out foam under lay being the cheapest, but not quite the best.

  • Paying a couple of pence more per metre will give you better quality, plastic coated, moisture resistant, thicker foam. We offer this as standard and you can always upgrade to sound proofing square pads for extra thickness and better quality.

Skirting boards are really the same wherever you buy them, but check out the height. Most skirtings are only 80mm high and when you take off your tile skirtings you really want to cover any damage left behind on the wall.

  • As it’s the most popular, we offer white under coated skirting boards at 120mm high as standard to cover up most tile skirtings. They are ready to be glossed in a colour of your choice to match the walls. Alternatively, we offer coloured skirtings to match the flooring at an additional cost.

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Please note that Woodworks Direct offers a wide range of accessories with all types of laminate flooring. This includes things like plastic underlay, sound proofing pads, different skirting boards and much more.

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