Large Play Area, Murcia | 925

Project Description | Reference ID: 925

This children’s play area was a very exciting project for Woodworks Direct, one that we are very excited to share with you. This frame was put together with strong chunky timbers, that were planed down and treated, with all of the edges smoothed and curved off to ensure maximum safety.

Will you choose to start your adventure with the climbing wall, or set of stairs to the main tower to check out your surroundings? Once on top, the choice is yours! Do you wish to hide away in the secret ‘parent free’ treehouse with blackboard walls, or venture down the tongue and groove board ramp, to glide down the slide? From the slide to the swings, maybe? Perhaps you’d prefer to test your balance by crossing the moving bridge that leads you to the trampoline?

This play area offers hours and hours of entertainment for multiple children at once. Below, inside the tower, we fitted a small table with benches as we understand the difficulties you may have taking your children away from this fun filled frame for lunch or dinner. Check out these pictures and let us know what you think. If you’re interested in something similar then please get in touch with us today vía the “Contact Us” section on our website.