Frequently asked questions to Woodworks Direct

Here at Woodworks Direct we aim to add a list of our most asked questions to make it even easier for you to find out information.


Does cutting trees down harm the environment?

No, Woodworks Direct purchase timber from trees, which come from only carefully, managed forestry estates, using environmentally friendly methods.


Are the Pergolas or any other of your garden structures easy to erect?

All the structures are supplied complete with easy to follow instructions and all the necessary fittings, bolts and screws.


Will the pergolas not split and crack in the Spanish climate?

Timber is a natural material that will show changes as moisture content of the timber changes, this will result in small cracks or splits in the timber these will have no detrimental, or structural effect on the Pergola and will revert to their natural form as the weather conditions alter.


Will the timber rot or deteriate being out side all the time?

No, the timber is fully treated which is harmless to plants and animals but protects the timber from rot and insect attack.


Can the timber be painted?



Does the carport need any preparation prior to erecting?

No the car port, pergolas or any other structures need no preparation, all the timber is cut to size and all angles and slotting carried out in our workshop.


Are there any special tools required to erect the pergola?

All that is required to erect a standard Pergola is a Screwdriver, level, drill bits and spanner.


How will my order be delivered?

We arrange all deliveries and will contact you prior to this delivery.


How long does it take for my order?

We always do our very best to deliver within 5 - 15 working days, but may some times be a bit longer in peak season. We will always keep in touch and let you know of any delays.


Do you make anything else, which is not found, on your web site?

Woodworks Direct will always look at and provide a quote for anything, which a customer comes to us with. Simply email or gives us a call and we will see what we can do for you.