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The kitchen is an odd room. Let me qualify that statement. The bathroom suit can be luxurious, or ordinary, it doesn’t matter because we all need the toilet, even the queen, bless her – ‘hem, hem, we are not amused.’ The same for the sink and shower, that’s if we don’t want to pong; the bedroom to sleep and get up to other things (with the light off, of course); front room for lounging and watching television, dinning room for eating, even if it’s only for special occasions, utility room for washing clothes and ironing, etc. The common denominator for the above is they are frequently used, regardless of how grand or humble their appearance.


The kitchen, however, that can be a different kettle of fish. I’ve been invited into numerous kitchens where the owner beamed with pride one second and the next looked bemused as she tried to explain what everything did in her stainless-steel flight deck with multi-hob cooker. All bright and beautiful, clinical even, but more a show piece than a practical place for preparing and cooking food. Invariably, the microwave cooker and fridge were the only items receiving regular use. But everything looked fantastic, albeit a clone from the ideal home exhibition. But walk into a working traditional kitchen and the atmosphere is completely different: the herbs growing in pots on the windowsill are being clipped continually, olive oil bottle oily on the outside, bottles of this and jars of that surrounding the cooker, add the smell of baking bread and good coffee brewing and the experience can be almost... time for a cold shower.


But seriously, a kitchen should be used fully and, ideally, designed with this fact in mind, and what better material for the units and cupboards than wood. It’s natural, looks great and blends into every season: feels warm in winter and smells wonderful in the summer months when the Spanish heat brings out that lovely woody aroma. Solid wooden carcasses are the best in my opinion, as opposed to the chipboard variety. The other advantage of a kitchen designed and built by a professional carpenter is that it can fit into any space, and one has the assurance that the doors, shelves and frames of solid wood are simply that – solid.


Woodworks Direct here in Spain offer quality workmanship and materials and will build a superior bespoke wooden kitchen to your own design. Even if you only want to impress, a solid wood kitchen will certainly fit the bill, but I suggest you dust off those cook-books, get cracking and have some fun; you’ll be amazed at people’s reactions to the real thing.


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