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Are Wooden Sheds really good for your health?


Sheds are good for your health. Actually, to be more specific, a shed is good for a man’s health; you lasses have other things to perk you up, like reading Fifty Shades of Grey when the old man is in his wooden shed. Hold on a mo (smacks head with palm of hand) – he’s out from under your feet so you can indulge in a bit a mental hanky panky, which relieves stress, therefore, it follows that a shed is good for your health as well. Who’d have thought it, erh? Now you know what to get him for Christmas.

Of course it can’t be proved that a shed is good for your health, and the article mentioning it featured in a newspaper well known for not being best mates with the truth, but no smoke without fire I reckon. Give the researchers a little time and before you know it a shed will be on a GP’s prescription. You’re in the pharmacy, and the lady in a white coat whacks the Prozac on the counter then turns and shouts, ‘Oi, Fred, bring the shed round on the forklift, will yer?’ She smiles and says, ‘Have a nice depression free day, sir.’

Apparently a shed’s beneficial properties are all to do with ‘the feel good’ stuff that we guys need to keep our spirits up and depression away – a ‘man cave’ type of thing. I’m not depressed because I have my shed: my very own space where I can have pin-ups of Susan Boyle and Sid Vicious hanging above my home brew equipment. And there, propped in the corner, are my hunter-gatherer paraphernalia, reassuring me I’m the man, the provider. Okay, so it’s not a bow and arrow or a blowpipe but a selection of Spear and Jackson gardening tools; and the wife just happens to be the managing director of one of the largest banks in the world, but hey, DON’T POP MY BUBBLE ALRIGHT!

Seriously folks, wooden sheds are good places for us lads to chill. It’s a kiddie memory of nice smelling wood, earth in pots and feeling cosy on a rainy day; a place to escape for a while and cogitate; maybe have a smoke or two; wonder what on earth the missus is going to make you do next as she’s taking the book very seriously.

In summary, I reckon there really is a connection between feeling good and owning a wooden shed. Woodworks Direct can make you a good hand made wooden shed, so get ordering and get healthy.



wooden shed alicante spain


Wooden Pergola -  a natural choice for shade in your garden

Is there a place in your garden that could benefit from a natural wooden feature; something to really set it off? Ever fancied a spot in your garden where you can sit out of the sun and yet be surrounded by living plants and greenery? If so then think about having a wooden pergola built. A properly constructed wooden pergola using treated timber fits into any garden environment.

Wood is a natural product, and when stained and correctly assembled a pergola will last many, many years. The wooden crossbeams and uprights form a perfect frame for plants to climb and grow over. Why not plant Jasmine, Bougainvillea or passion flower and in a few years the pergola will be covered with a blaze of colour and sweet scented foliage. To encourage this growth, a wooden lattice can be fitted to the upright supports of the pergola, allowing the climbing plants to become established more quickly.

There’s nothing like natural shade from the sun, a bit like taking five on a long walk to rest one’s back against an olive or almond tree and having a good scratch against the hoary bark. I remember grape picking some years ago, and after hours of hard work throughout the hot dusty morning we workers finally adjourned into the wonderful shade of a big old pine tree. There we ate our late breakfast of sausage, tomatoes and bread, washed down with a sample of the previous year’s harvest – a treasured memory. A pergola with a healthy growth of climbing plants offers pretty much the same feeling. The breeze manages to waft through as the sunlight dances on the leaves. All in all a relaxing and soporific experience, and complimented by a glass of cold wine a hammock slung between the beams is a must as a blissful doze will inevitably follow. Another good idea is to plant Galan de Noche, a night Jasmine. When evening gives way to night then the scent from Galan de Noche is released, and it’s heady and fragrant beyond words. With a few strategically placed lamps or candles, an evening of chatting and sipping wine with friends will become enjoyable events and memories not easily forgotten.

So think about having a pergola in your garden; don’t put it off but order now from a professional carpenter like Woodworks Direct based on the borders of Alicante and Murcia. They will build it to the highest quality and exactly how you want it. Don’t let the good times slip by.


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 Make a Gazebo a Focal point in your Garden


Some people have the ability to think ahead, to be able to see an image in their mind’s eye quite unlike the one presenting itself at the time. One example was when a friend of mine paid to have a gazebo built in his ...... The word garden should be where the dots are, but at the time ‘bomb site’ would be a better description for the land surrounding his new house. And yet, amidst the mud and rubble, he commissioned quality carpenter Woodworks Direct to erect a wooden gazebo – and beautiful it looked too, like a gold ring in a pig’s nose. When I asked him the obvious ‘WHY?’ he replied with words to the effect that it was going to be the central feature in the garden to be, a point from which to design and build his garden around. So he had the ability to see ahead, to picture what I couldn’t. 

Unlike me, he wasn’t looking at First World War battlefield but a mature garden with Jasmine and Bougainvillaea clinging to the gazebo. And he was right, because that is exactly what happened over a relatively short period of time, three years at most. The gazebo, made from quality treated timber and stained for added protection, had weathered and aged naturally; it looked as if it had always been there, a leftover feature from a bygone age. That’s exactly what he wanted in his traditional English-style garden. He had been able to capture a mental image, hold on to it, build on it and see it gradually come to life. I admire that quality. 

My gazebo, also built by the same carpenter, looks equally good but in a different way. My garden is the minimalist type with raised beds and coloured gravel, I guess what would be termed ‘easy maintenance.’ I built the garden first then made room afterwards for the gazebo. Does it look as if the gazebo has muscled in on things? No way, because my garden is different and my gazebo fitted in well as a feature, a focal point rather than part of an overall effect. The bottom line: a wooden gazebo looks good whatever, and if well looked after it can last donkey’s years. So whether you are a long term planner or a seat of the pants thinker like me, there is one common denominator when it comes to attractive features for your garden, and that is a wooden gazebo.


wooden Gazebo in calasparra murcia beautiful gazebo in ondara spain Gazebo in Murcia Spain



Storm Damage - Why you need Timber Carport in Spain!


If you live in a hot country like me then a carport is a must. The sun doesn’t only age your skin but also the paint on your car. A wooden car port is much cheaper and quicker to build than a conventional garage, and with the treated timbers stained to pretty much any colour, it blends nicely into any garden environment. Cars with badly faded or even peeling paint are a common sight in the region of Murcia in Spain. A car is an expensive item and it’s worth spending that little bit extra to protect it from the damaging rays of the sun. A carport is quite versatile as well as it can be used to house other items like quads, jet-skis and even a speed boat. One of the good things about a car port is there are no walls, just sturdy uprights; therefore, awkward shaped objects, like a boat on a trailer, can be manoeuvred under the protective roof; the most important item (the boat) is safe from the elements whilst less important appendages can stick out the sides.

On rare occasions there have been hail storms that have damaged the bodywork and paint of cars, one recently close to Pinoso in the Alicante region where the violence of the storm and size of hailstones caused many cars to be written off completely. A simple carport would have prevented this happening, and a few metal roof panels are much cheaper to replace than the body of a car. A car port should be of strong construction with quality treated timber, the uprights well secured in concrete. The ends of the horizontal timbers that support the roof can be attractively sculptured to offer a pleasing appearance.

A professional carpentry workshop like Woodworks Direct can provide a carport to fit into any setting. Car ports can be made in metal, but they tend to look stark and harsh, more suited to being alongside an office block. Wood, however, is the natural choice for a carport next to your home. Wood blends in everywhere, and in no time at all it will have gently aged to become undistinguishable from the surroundings into which it has been introduced. If the garden already has a wooden gazebo or a garden shed then the wooden carport will fit right in as part of the team. Wood is strong, looks good and lasts, and a carport made from wood is a wise choice.


 the importance of a timber carport in Spain   Why a Timber Carport is important in Spain   Damage to Car by hailstones in Pinoso Spain


Huge hailstones in Pinoso Spain

Here are the Hailstones that caused so much damage in Pinoso in October 2013.


Did you know that "Wood" is making a big comeback in Spain?

For many years timber products, particularly in building, had a bad press, and for very good reasons. Before the advent of structures poured with concrete into shuttered moulds filled with steel, the main building materials were hallow terracotta bricks, stone and wood, with a lime based mortar holding it all together. In the mountain regions of Murcia and Alicante, and throughout Spain in general, the countryside is littered with dilapidated buildings that have fallen prey to rotting or insect infested wood. Add to this a seemingly cavalier disregard for foundations and damp coursing and it is amazing how some lasted as long as they have. But sticking with the wooden element: the timber beams used for roof supports and flooring were simply cut from living trees, shaped (sometimes not) and put in place. The wood was rarely seasoned, and it certainly wasn’t treated against wood-boring insects and dry/wet rot. The local bug population moved house, literally, and continued chomping away indoors as if nothing had happened – until the house collapsed of course. Thankfully those days are long gone. As regulations and new standards were introduced into the construction industry in Spain, so wood also had to meet the same criteria if it was to be used for building purposes.


Today, good quality timber can be found throughout the different semi-autonomous regions of Spain, from Catalonia to Andalusia. The wood is seasoned and pressure treated against pest infestation and the elements, but it must still be treated after being cut and shaped. A good, professional carpenter will seal any cut and joint with preservative and anti-bug treatments before assembly. This is essential if the wood is to have a long and trouble free life.


Based on the border of Alicante and Murcia, Woodworks Direct take every precaution to make certain their wooden structures are of the highest quality and are fully treated after every cut and joint. They also stain the wood with a choice of colours, giving the timber an even greater level of protection.


Wood is natural and is incredibly strong whilst remaining flexible, which is a real bonus in a country where earthquakes are not uncommon. And it is comparatively light, so manoeuvring large wooden beams into place does not require a crane or multiple slipped discs.  The other real plus point is that wood looks great. When undertaking a reformation of an old property it is always best to use as many original building materials as possible, and wooden beams replaced by concrete ones do not look the part. And, it simply isn’t necessary when high quality, treated timber is readily available.  Whether it is to be a simple garden shed, a pergola or a gazebo or major structural renovation to an old farmhouse or finca, wood has to be the first choice, and a professional carpenter undertaking the work goes hand-in-hand with that choice. Lumber harvested from managed, sustainable plantations is the green way forward. Don’t think in the past, think the future and think wood.




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